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Will it Fit Into My Backpack?

What makes the P.A.C.K really amazing is that it fits into any backpack, depending on how much clothing you have. Completely filled, the P.A.C.K easily fits into a 30L Pack or larger. Also, I've packed a weekend of clothing, and the P.A.C.K fit perfectly into my regular school backpack.


Does it Take Up The Entire Backpack?

No. There's plenty of extra room.

  • 50L: Fully stuffed, the P.A.C.K takes up about 60% of a 50L Pack, which leaves you plenty of room for your toiletries, shoes, and large items.
  • 30L: Fully stuffed, the P.A.C.K takes up about 75% of a 30L Pack, which gives you enough room for some extra items.