The PACK is a rugged and lightweight backpack organizer that fits inside of any 30+ liter backpack.

With the PACK, you can effortlessly organize your clothing and unpack in under 10 seconds!

Our Story: The PACK was born from the experiences of friends backpacking Europe. We moved every couple days. Sometimes we moved to a hostel, sometimes to a host couch, but we always had the same problem - packing and unpacking our bags was a hassle. Taking everything out of our bags just to find the one shirt we wanted was super frustrating. Sound familiar? All backpackers struggle with this problem, so we set out to create a product that makes packing and unpacking fun and fast - just like it was meant to be!

With the PACK, you spend more time enjoying the city, and less time laboring over your clothing.

Form Meets Function

Secure Exoskeleton buckle design: This unique designs keeps your stuff secure. The tri-buckle design ensures that your stuff will stay in place on planes, trains, bikes, or roller-skates. No matter what you do with your backpack, the PACK will keep you organized.  

Parachute Grade Lightweight Nylon: The lightweight and rugged material weights less than 5 oz, adding an unnoticeable amount of weigh to your pack. We picked this fabric because it's the same material that military parachutes are made out of. 

Reinforced Stitching: We know how packed your backpack gets. The PACK is double and triple stitched, ensuring that your clothing stays in place. 

Built in Hooks: Hang your PACK using our strong and lightweight hooks. Bunkbed? No Problem. Closet? Even better. Chair? Of course. Unlike packing boxes, all of your belongings can be conveniently hung for your immediate use.

Dimensions: 18"(H) x 9"(L) 7"(W)

Pack 4.png

Will it Fit Into My Backpack?

What makes the PACKK really amazing is that it fits into any backpack, depending on how much clothing you have. Completely filled, the PACK backpack organizer easily fits into a 30L pack or larger. Also, I've packed a weekend of clothing, and the PACK fit perfectly into my regular school backpack. 


Does it Take Up The Entire Backpack?

No. There's plenty of extra room.

  • 50L: Fully stuffed, the PACK takes up about 60% of a 50L Pack, which leaves you plenty of room for your toiletries, shoes, and large items.
  • 30L: Fully stuffed, the PACK takes up about 75% of a 30L Pack, which gives you enough room for some extra items. 

What is the PACK?

The PACK is an extremely light and super rugged nylon backpack organizer meant specifically for urban backpackers. The organizer is like your home closet - it has compartments of different sizes which allow you to neatly pack your clothing and easily retrieve it once you get to your hostel or room. The PACK's built in hooks let you hang it from your bed, your closet, or your door. 

“You’ll love the light and strong nylon. It’s made out of the same material as parachutes.”
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Why Use The PACK?

It's easy to understand why traveling with the PACK backpack organizer makes your life better...

You can unpack in 10 seconds. The hassle of packing and unpacking is a thing of the past.

Get Organized