If you want to be in our travel video - you're in the right place!

PACK Gear is creating the "My Best Travel Memory" video series, which will feature top travel bloggers from around the world. 

Benefits To You:

- We will distribute this video to thousands of our social media followers, site visitors, and our mailing list

- You can film your segment from home/your computer

- We will post your name/twitter handle/blog address on the video page to generate traffic for you

What To Do:

- If you are on this page, we've already selected you to be in our video! Congrats!

Filming: (Submit By November 17th)

From the comfort of your own home, please answer the following question in 30-60 seconds on video:  "What was your favorite travel memory?"

However, in order for us to edit you into the video, please:

1) Film in either HD or something equivelent

2) Make sure that the audio quality of the recording is good

3) Do not go over the 60 second recording period

4) Be expressive and emotional in your video - this will get more people to follow you and visit your blog!

Submitting Your Clip

Upload: When you've completed your clip, please either

1) upload it to a dropbox folder and send us a link    -or-

2) upload it to any file sharing site and send us a link    -or-

3) e-mail us the file (jonathan@thepackgear.com)

Naming: Please name the file your first and last name, or twitter handle, (so that we know when to link to your blog/twitter handle)

E-Mail Us: After uploading:

1) E-mail (jonathan@thepackgear.com) saying that the clip is uploaded to a file sharing site (or have the video as an attachment)

2) Include the name you want to appear on screen during your clip (E.G Jonathan T),

3) Include your twitter handle (e.g. @ThePackGear)

4) Include your blog address (www.thepackgear.com)


The video should be edited and available for sharing in around two weeks!


Thanks and we look forward to your submission!

Jonathan T (Founder)