The Best Backpack Organizer - Unpack in 10 Seconds!

Written By Jonathan from Pack Gear


How long does it take you to unpack? If the answer is more than ten seconds, then it’s taking too long! 


After 10 years of travel, I feel confident saying that packing and unpacking every couple days is a huge hassle. Thankfully, the PACK Gear team designed a travel organizer that lets you unpack in under 10 seconds. The travel organizer lets you effortlessly organize your clothing. It has 6 compartments of varying sizes – it’s like having your home closet no matter where you go. Simply pack your things, and slip the organizer into your luggage or backpack. At 8oz, the PACK Gear organizer is so lightweight you won’t even feel it. 

The PACK has everything you need, including built in hooks, so you can hang the organizer in your closet, on your door, or on your bed.  It’s really, really convenient. It’s compactable and will fit into any 30L+ backpack or your carry on.


The PACK Gear team thought of everything. They used parachute grade nylon 220 as the base material, and triple stitched the seams for safety. Fully stuffed, the PACK takes about 75% of a 30L bag or 60% of a 50L bag. The exact dimensions are 18"(H) x 9"(L) 7"(W).


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