What You Need To Know Before Backpacking Italy!

Buy Your Tickets Ahead Of Time

Tickets to the Vatican, The Colosseum, and almost every major attraction can be bought online and save you HOURS of standing around. The line to the Vatican is usually 1-2 hours long, and who wants that? Nobody. Be aware that most museums have timed entry - so be there on time.

Beware the Dress Code!

Many cathedrals have a dress code and will not allow you in if you're wearing a sleeveless top/shorts. Carry an extra top or scarf! 

Summer = Mosquitos

There are a LOT of mosquitos in italy when it gets hotter. Pack a little bottle in your luggage if you want to stay protected!

Dinner is Served LATE!

Italy is no different than the rest of Europe, especially Spain. Dinner can start as late as 9:30/10 p.m, so take that into consideration when planning the following day.

Cobble Stone Streets

As a backpacker, you should already have a comfortable pair of shoes. In Italy, this is even more important as most streets in historic neighborhoods are cobble stone. There are very few streets in Rome that are paved. I don't recommend wearing flip-flops on your daytime adventure to the Spanish Steps :)

Beware of annoying street-sales people

There are tons of people selling crazy toys in the streets, especially in Venice. They can get aggressive, so prepare to tell them to go away. They also sell flowers and roses, so let your significant other know that he/she shouldn't be offended when you don't buy the $20 rose. 

Some tickets need to be booked WAY in advance

For example, In the Vatican, you can signed up for the Scavi Tour. You need to book it online a couple of weeks in advance.  The tour gives you access to the underground tomb (below the Basilica). Many of these have student discounts

Watch Italian documentaries before you go

There are some great free documentaries on Michelangelo, the Renaissance, Raphael, and others online. You should also check out Netflix, if you subscribe to it. The country takes on an even deeper meaning if you understand the context. 

Enjoy the Fresh Fruit and The Amazing Outdoor Markets!


Happy Backpacking!

- The P.A.C.K Gear Team

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