Packing For Your Hostel


The PACK team has stayed in hostels around the world, and we’ve made our list of what you need to bring. There are thousands of packing lists online – but here’s a list of the top items you shouldn’t forget. 

Stuff You Absolutely Need To Pack

A Backpack Organizer

No matter which backpack you have, you need to keep your stuff organized. You could use the typical packing cubes, but the better alternative is the PACK Gear Backpack Organizer. The PACK let's you unpack in 10 seconds! It's so convenient, it's like taking your home closet with you wherever you go. Check out their backpack organizers before you travel on their website


I am an extremely light sleeper - but even those of you who don't normally wake up might find it hard to sleep in a room with six people. Most likely, one of them snores, and most people will get up at least once to use the restroom. Bottom line is that you want several pair of earplugs. Personally, I like Hearos, but there are many to choose from. I find that foam earplugs are the cheapest and most effective. They say "one time use" but you can re-use the 4/5 times without any problems. 

Sleeping Mask

I use a neck gator as my sleeping mask, and it doubles as something to keep me warm of the room turns cold. You could also purchase an actual sleep mask for a couple dollars. As I mentioned, I'm a light sleeper and need everything to keep me from waking up!

MicroFiber Towel

Using a Microfiber towel is effective and saves you an unimaginable amount of space and weight. It takes some time to get used to the feeling of using MicroFiber (it's not as soft or pleasant as cotton), but is well worth the switch.

Wet Clothing Bag

You can use a plastic garbage bag or a waterproof stuff sack - just have something to separate the wet from the dry. The last thing you want is for your entire bag to end up damp because of one pair of wet swimming trunks! P.A.C.K gear is working on a custom wet clothing compartment for our product line. 

Combination Lock

I prefer the small 4 digit combination lock - buy a reputable lock that is TSA approved (you know it's high quality). I carry two just in case. They can be useful in securing your bag, your locker, or to loan to a friend in need.

An Extra ATM Card

Carry an extra ATM or Credit Card and hide it inside your bag. This will come in handy if you are unlucky enough to lose your wallet. Make sure that none of your cards have international transaction fees or you'll be losing about 3% on every purchase!

LED Flashlight

Most likely you'll have someone turn off the lights in your room around 10, and you'll need a flashlight to find the items in your bag. Of course it'll help when you use P.A.C.K travel organizers, but a small LED light might still prove helpful. The P.A.C.K team is working on a next generation bag with built in light - so stay tuned. Small LED lights might cost you pennies, and will last you several months.

Shower Shoes

This is a no brainer. You have no idea who's been using the communal bathroom! You need shower shoes. I have a pair that I bought for .99 cents, and they've held up for years. Find the thinnest pair you can. P.A.C.K gear is working on a super lightweight and durable set of shoes that should be available in our store in 2016.

Baby Wipes

These can be useful for a variety of reasons - hygiene or having something to clean your room/bed with. These go well with a pack of napkins or a smaller microfiber towel. 

Inflatable Pillow

Certainly use an inflatable pillow for the same reason you should use a microfiber towel - it saves space when you're not using it and weights barely anything. I even used a camelback filled with water as my travel pillow. Conveniently, I could drink from my pillow without leaving my bed.

Money Belt

There have been some recently re-designed inventions for the modern traveler like actually stylish money belts. Hide some cash in the belt just in case. I've lost my wallet and would have loved to have stored a couple extra dollars in my belt. Assume you'll lose something, and plan accordingly. 

Some other things you can consider:

Hand sanitizer, photo copies or your IDs and passports, a list of important phone numbers, 550 cord to make a hanger or for other purposes, some delicious snacks for those late nights. 


Happy Backpacking!

- The P.A.C.K Gear Team

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