A Checklist To Hosting Couchsurfers and Urban Backpackers

Most curious minded travelers have either hosted or been hosted. Personally I've had some amazing experiences meeting travelers on couchsurfing.com and hope to extend that warmth and welcome to others. Here's my checklist when I prepare for to host urban backpackers:

  • I make a sheet with the Wifi Password, my address, and my Uber Code
  • Wash their bedsheets and towels - in Russian culture clean bedding is the ultimate sign of respect for guests
  • Clean my apartment - I remember how pleasant it was to come into a clean home after a day of exploration.
  • Have some snack food around the house for the guest - they usually get in at odd hours
  • Find out when the guest is arriving and offer to pick them up from the nearest public transportation hub. This makes their lives so much easier!
  • Make sure the address information on your couch surfing profile or e-mail is correct. Once I forgot to change it and had to pick up my guest from halfway across town.
  • Empty the fridge and garbage cans - you don't want them thinking you're a slob! 
  • Leave them good feedback if you met online
  • Have a bath towel ready in case they don't have one available
  • I make myself available if they want to be interactive, but I give them space if they do not

Keep in mind that one day you might end up in their country and they will extend these same courtesies to you!

Happy Backpacking!

- The PACK Gear Team

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