Packing and Surviving Five Cities in Eleven Days

Written by Amanda from Simply Sojourns

For our honeymoon, the husband and I tackled the aggressive goal of seeing five cities in eleven days. Why embark on such a whirlwind adventure? First, we have limited vacation leave from our full-time employment, and second why not? To ensure all logistics were in order, here is how we survived the planning process and the journey.


Keep all your travel documents (physical and electronic) in one place

Keep all emails and electronic correspondences in one folder in your email account. This came in handy on so many occasions as everything was all in one place. Closer to the departure date, print all important documents, order them and place them all in one folder. Don’t solely rely on data on your phone. You never know when you might be in a dead zone. Having the printed documents also allows for quick access to addresses or hotel names instead of Googling the information.  


To spreadsheet or not

I created a spreadsheet outlining where we were on which days and what we were (potentially) going to be doing. I know some travelers scoff at that approach but it keeps me sane. This can allow you to prioritize what you want to do and how much time to allot to each activity/sight/tour. It also doubles as a place to keep addresses, names, or hotel names. This can also come in handy for your departure dates/times. If you’re visual, seeing them in a spreadsheet can help you remember when you’ve got to jump on that next plane!


Pack lightly

Due to the nomadic nature of this endeavour, we realized it would not be very practical to be pulling suitcases behind us through five cities, three airports, and one train station. We purchased a MEC Cragalot 50L backpack and made very good use of five EagleCreek packing cubes. We also used two medium backpacks for carry-ons. We packed five days’ worth of clothes, light toiletries, and two pairs of shoes each. To maximize space roll your clothes into the pack cubes and wear the bulkier items on travel days. The smaller backpacks can be filled with maps, books, playing cards, electronics and food.


Hotel room as a laundry room

I highly recommend making use of “Travel Essentials” laundry kit. This kit is a fabulous investment to save time, money and precious backpack space. The best part of this kit is the clothes line that does not require clothespins and is pretty sturdy. Fill the bathtub or sink with water, add soap and scrub away. Not the most glamorous part of traveling but it keeps you from being the smelly one.

Alternatively, you can always try your hand at befriending hotel staff and see if they will throw your clothes into the wash.


Have fun!

You can’t control everything. Remember to enjoy the moment, the experience, and the people with whom you’re traveling. You forgot to pack your favourite hat? Find a new favourite hat where you’re visiting. The hotel can only accommodate you for one night when you had reserved three night? No problem! Stay the one night and find another hotel - often at reduced rates because of last minute. These mishaps make you flexible, adaptable and ready to tackle anything!


Are you feeling ambitious? Feeling up to planning your own whirlwind journey or do you have one to share?

My name is Amanda. I work a 9-5 job and stretch weekends to fit in travel. I travel to seek out small towns, large cities, forest, deserts, mountains and everything in between. Join me as I discover the world one city at a time and share my experiences. Visit my site at: