Imagine Packing In 6 Seconds Flat


Every traveler knows how frustrating it can be to pack your backpack (or carry-on) so carefully your first night out, and watch it all decline from there. Never again.

Are you ready to meet the future of packing?

Whether you’re looking for the right shirt (you know - the only suitable one left) or are tired of having your room look like a hurricane hit it, you’re looking for The PACK.

The PACK was made with love and care by five friends after we spent a year backpacking around Europe.

Time after time we’d scramble to find every item we brought and jam it all into the backpack. Our clothes were smelly, disorganized, and took up way too much room.

We knew there had to be a better way.

Of course, there are packing cubes -- and we tried those too...

But they left us with the same problem : you still can’t see where your items are and you have to play jack-in-the-box with your bags hoping to find the right one.

Plus, 3 packing cubes just isn’t enough space for everything you need on a trip. We wanted to see all of our stuff clearly in one place without zipping and unzipping.

So we sketched out an idea, worked with a few great designers, and came up with the PACK.

The PACK is lighter than a T-shirt and more powerful than 6 medium packing cubes.

Whether you’re an adventure traveler and plan on hooking your PACK to a tree, a hostel traveler, resort lover, or the Airbnb type : you’re going to value having all your items in one place, neat and tidy, and never having to fuss with the woes of messy luggage ever again. 

The average backpacker spends 6 hours per trip packing! We’d much rather spend that time exploring, wouldn’t you?

Of course, we love the PACK -- but we’re not alone. Our customers are thrilled at how easy, efficient, and convenient the PACK is.

Anyone who travels light and wants to stay organized needs the PACK.

  • Parents
  • Couples
  • Solo Travelers
  • Flight Attendants
  • Digital Nomads and
  • Flashpackers all agree!

Are you ready to join thousands of other revolutionary packers?

Say “no” to the idea that your luggage has to be a messy nest of clothes and toiletries!

We’re so sure that you’re going to love your PACK that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose.

There’s only 99 units of the PACK left before we start production on the next batch, so grab yours now and start traveling the way you really want to in 2016.  

Snag the 10% off coupon code "PACK10" and get your pack for under $40!

No thanks, I like to waste my time packing and unpacking while traveling.

PS. A word of warning : if you travel with a partner you should really get them one, too -- or else bring a good book to read while you wait for them to pack the old-school way.


There are fewer than 95 units left!

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A Great Alternative To Packing Cubes
— Devon (BlondeChickTravels)
A Must Have For Backpackers and Frequent Travelers
— TravelFashionGirl
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Saves Your Most Valuable Resource: Time.
— Josh Shaff - South East Asian Adventurer